The Undone Years By 108 Media Corp Is a Story of 3 Teenagers Who Survived War, Love, and Loss

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November 5, 2021

The Undone Years By 108 Media Corp Is a Story of 3 Teenagers Who Survived War, Love, and Loss

The Undone Years is a tale of coming of age, innocence, war, and loss. It begins on a rubber plantation in Malay in the summer before World War 2. It’s based on the bestselling novel written by Shamini Flint. 108 Media Corp is slated to release a limited series of 6 episodes, 60 minutes each.

The Main Characters of The Undone Years

Matthew is the son of an English plantation owner. Rajan is his best friend. Rajan’s father works for Matthew’s father as a clerk. Despite their unequal status, the boys view themselves as equal. Their parents don’t approve, which only strengthens their resolve to maintain strong ties.

Mei Ling arrives on the scene. She’s beautiful and catches both boys’ interest. She is strong-willed, and her attitude adds to her appeal.

Chaos ensues as the Malayan Campaign begins. The book follows the three teens through the fall of Malay and Singapore, and the eventual fall of the Japanese insurgency.

Malay Campaign

The Malay campaign involved mostly land confrontations between the British Commonwealth and the Imperial Japanese Army. There were also some battles with the Royal Thai Armed Forces.

The Japanese had naval and air superiority, and the British forces were badly diminished in the campaign. Japan had 9,657 casualties. Allied forces had 15,703 casualties, and 130,000 of their forces captured.

Writing and Production

The Undone Years is adapted from the novel written by Shamini Flint, according to 108 Media Corp. She was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and resides in Singapore. She’s best known for the Inspector Singh Investigates series, which has been published in many languages around the world.

She also writes children’s books that focus on environmental and cultural issues. Part of the proceeds from environmentally focused books goes to the World Wildlife Foundation, or WWF.

The screenplay for the series was written by Julie Dixon. She has received multiple awards and recognitions, including a British Screenwriter Award. She also received a nomination from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts or BAFTA.

She’s known for writing Death in Paradise, a crime drama that follows a detective who moves from London to Saint-Marie in the Caribbean.

108 Media Corp

The Undone Years is produced by 108 Media Corp. The company provides a global ecosystem for creating, producing, financing, and distributing content. Notable releases from 108 Media include the Netflix hit Eerie, and Joker’s Downfall, a true-crime story.