Moonrise, Sunset, a Can’t Miss Crime Drama From 108 Media

108 Media

August 12, 2021

108 Media Corp Moonrise, Sunset, a Can't Miss Crime Drama

Moonrise, Sunset is a crime drama that thrills and chills. It has elements of the paranormal wrapped up in a classic whodunit mystery. 108 Media Corp is creating the limited series.

108 Media Corp

108 Media Corp creates cross-cultural content that changes what the world watches and the conversations that follow. They’ve adapted several books for the small and big screen, including The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye and Marina Bay Sins. Sunrise, Sunset will be the third book written by a Singapore author 108 Media Corp will bring to a worldwide audience.

The Premise and Plot

How Kum Menon is the son of a Chinese mother and an Indian father. He asks his love, Vanita Sundram, to marry him. The happy couple spends a romantic evening in the park, and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

He wakes up to horror. His fiancé is dead on top of him, stabbed to death. Another couple in the park was murdered as well.

Of course, Menon is the first suspect, but the police soon clear him. He’s asked to help with the investigation. The grieving Menon is reluctant but eventually agrees to help, motivated by a desire for answers. The killings continue, and Menon searches Sundram’s past for answers.

The story features several memorable characters. Sundram’s brother wants vengeance. Her father is deeply religious. Menon’s mother is worried. Other characters include a psychic, an Ayurvedic physician, and an American serial killer expert. Sundram appears to Menon after her death, providing the help he needs to solve her murder.

Sunrise, Sunset Production

The fiction crime thriller series is based on the book Sunrise, Sunset written by Gopal Baratham. Baratham is also known for the book A Candle or the Sun.

The script for the series was written by Naman Ramachandran. Ramachandran is also the writer-producer of Netflix’s first Indian Original BRAHMAN NAMAN, set in 1980s Bangalore. The sex comedy hit Netflix in 2016.

Shanjhey Kumar Perumal is co-directing the adaptation. Perumal won the Best Malaysian Film award at the 28th Malaysia Film Festival in 2016 for the film Jagat. Singaporean director K. Rajagopal is also working on the project. The series is set for 4 60-minute episodes, and it is expected to premiere in 2022.

Perumal states he’s excited about the concepts explored in the novel, and how he can add to the story visually. Jagat got the attention of 108 Media Corp president Justin Deimen. Deimen stated, “We see this series as a great vehicle for his artistic ambitions”.